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Mission / Vision:

The delivery of



best practice

marketing and development communications consulting

and strategic branding services and products that support cultural diversity

and the critical need

for racial inclusion in strategies to support individual donor

cultivation, audience

development and general

fund raising in small-to-

mid-size not for profits and emerging small businesses.  

Jessica Thorpe > founded unboxed ink (as outside the box >) in 1999 to offer small-to-mid-size not for profits a viable and affordable  resource for marketing and development communications branding, consulting, branding, content writing, collateral design and community cultivation strategies.  Her founding vision was to provide comprehensive, integrated individual donor / audience development communications that respectfully acknowledge and address cultural diversity, racial equity and inclusion.

Jessica is an alumnus of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania with more than 40 years of professional experience > in journalism, public relations and marketing and development as a commuications administrator, editor, feature writer and reporter.   


                                         . . . offers culturally inclusive branding, editorial, content writing, collateral design and Web development consutling, products and services to support innovative, fiscally viable marketing and institutional advancement strategies that build organizational capacity and increase

bottom line.  Services include: 

diversity and inclusion

• Design, management and implementation of comprehensive outreach

  communications for special projects targeting diversity and underserved



• Long / short term community outreach and targeted marketing campaigns

  featuring culturally inclusive, ethnically appropriate language and images

• Annual development communications strategies to cultivate diversity,

  "non-traditional" donors


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