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. . .The case statements will prove to be a superb tool for our development officers.  The briefs will also provide the incentive for considerable involvement in the Campaign and were written in an interesting and energetic manner. 


Ronald H. Stein >

(Past) Vice President   UB Advancement  and Development Office

Many voices, limited word count... concise case for support.

marketing & development communications 

"Hi:  Just an FYI – the UB ISEP (Interdisciplinary Science and

Engineering Partnership) was

very pleased with the article we included in the newsletter.  So much so, they asked me to create a ‘standalone’ PDF of the article which they plan on circulating throughout the Buffalo Public School system to garner attention STEM education in the high need/underserved areas within the Buffalo Public School system.     Thanks everyone for your time and attention in developing this article – It Made A Difference!!! "


Rebecca Brierley   

Assistant Dean     

Office of External Affairs

UB School of Pharmacy

     and Pharmaceutical Sciences

I honestly don’t remember a time when writing was not among my favorite things to do, and am always amazed when someone says they don’t like to write (although I suppose I feel the same way about anything mathematic.)  My writing strength lies in my ability, when interviewing, to hear and connect personal stories that have nothing to do with, but are important to, the story being written – and the capacity to translate complicated subject matter, any subject matter, into general readability.

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