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Unboxed Ink o  ffan aesthetic, content-savvy, easy-to-navigate web presence will consistently articulate your case for support from “Home” to “Contact Us”


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For small to mid-size not for profits, mounting a web presence that will capture and compel clients, donors and funding sources can be daunting.


outside the box works with organizational leadership teams to define content, imagery and architecture that consistently promotes your mission and is easy navigate.



Content Writing >


Web friendly copy that lets people know who you are, what you do

and how they can help within the context of your organizational brand and SEO optimization       





consulting to optimize architecture and content for a new web

presence or redesign of an existing site… strategic objective is

support intuitive navigation and consistent branding



Full Design (WIX) 


creative concept, graphics, architecture and content for an

original site that can be managed internally after launch



Management & Maintenance


collaboration with administrative leadership teams to keep Web presence current, connective; includes bi-monthly information

updates and navigation recommendations for existing sites (no

actual posting); bi-monthly full site updates for WIX web sites

created by outside the box





compel according

to what

you need

and want

to spend . . .

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